Friends of Congleton Park

Welcome to the Friends of Congleton Park Page. 

Stock at the Pavilion work closely and support Friends of Congleton Park – together we aim to give every single visitor the very best experience of our beautiful Park and Pavilion.

They give their time voluntarily and work endlessly to ensure the park is looked after properly, that’s why we have dedicated this page to make sure everyone knows about them and the great work they do. If you are reading this and thinking  “i’d like to get involved and support the park” the great news is you can. Young or old, with only a few hours to spare we would love more volunteers.  It’s your park too so why not get involved.

 We have given you some information below but to find out more about them you can visit their website Friends of Congleton Park

Have a read through the information and look at their website and if you feel you would love to get involved and help support, we would love to have you!  Just drop us your details below and we will contact you back.


The Friends of Congleton Park are a voluntary community group established to work in Partnership with Cheshire East Council to help develop and look after the park.

We formed in 2005, and our aim is to promote the use and awareness of the Park for the enjoyment of the public, in partnership with Cheshire East Council and under the Guidance and support of the Park Manager.

The Group may act as a consultative body on the Park’s developments, fund raise, and organize and support events.

We are know by everyone as Friends of Congleton Park or FoCP.

The Friends welcome new members, and of course new ideas, and we actively encourage people to get involved.

Sponsorship for Congleton Park Events & Activities

We apply for sponsorship and raise funds to host activities and events such as

Rode Hall Brass Band, seed for the Pictoral Meadow and features such as the Bear Sculpture (near the Park Pavilion), equipment for the Community Store to support events in the park, restoration of features etc.

FoCP  also undertake many activities in the park. For example we have:

  • arranged a series of music concerts from the Park Bandstand each year.
  • have undertaken planting of daffodils, to brighten up the north eastern entrance (Buglawton).
  • purchased large board games and space hoppers for use as part of Park Fun-Day events.
  • donated cycle racks for the park, the installation being paid for and undertaken by Congleton Borough Council (now Cheshire East).
  • arranged funding and consulted with developers for the improved play facilities, including a zip-line, completed in 2014.

Events and Volunteer Work in Congleton Park

The Friends support Community events in the Park by the loaning of equipment (e.g. barriers, signs, tables etc.) from the Community Store to ensure that the event is safe and enjoyable for visitors. Volunteer Work has included planting in Town Wood with native woodland wildflowers, cleaning benches etc.

How YOU can HELP the FoCP

We are often seeking new members to become actively involved in our activities.

This could include helping out on our brass band concerts, organising fund raising activities, running and helping to man our fund raising stall at park events, or donating your time / labour / money.

Please Download our Application Form, or send your details to the Secretary using the E-Mail Link below.

You can help us to help you enjoy Congleton Park

So none of what we do is possible without the generosity of people who love the park.  We need money to enable us to do what we do for the benefit of our residents and visitors to the park; to find out more, please contact us and / or arrange to attend one of our meetings to see how you can help.

For example, we have a handful of people who pay £4.00 per month by standing order to the Friends of Congleton Park; imagine if 10% of the population of Congleton did the same!

If you can help us in this way, please Download our Standing Order form.

Some more facts about Focp and our beautiful park

Consultation about Congleton Park

The Friends of Congleton Park assist with consultations with target groups such as the choice and provision of play equipment for older children, assisting with the Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey, pedestrian bridge from Buglawton into the Park and so on.

FoCP Structure & Meetings

The Friends of Congleton Park (FoCP) consists of a Committee comprising Chair Person; Secretary; Treasurer; Committee Members and Ordinary Members, with duties briefly outlined as follows:

Chair Person – Assisting the Managerial Direction of the Group; Planning and running meetings; Acting as spokesperson / figurehead.

Treasurer – Keeping an overview of the finances of the organisation; Reporting into committee meetings; Ensuring the right financial policies are in place.

Secretary – Crucial in dealing with the administration of the group; Facilitating and supporting committee meetings; Notifying all members of the AGM;

Deputy Chair – stands in for the Chair as required, for example chairing FoCP meetings in the absence of the Chair Person.

Committee Members – Up to 8 other members of the FoCP who shall have voting rights at committee meetings and who may be willing to take up other roles such as publicity, events organisation, fund raising e.g. through grant applications etc.

Ordinary Members – An ordinary member is someone who does not want to commit to being named as Management Committee and has no voting rights (Except for AGM and EGM) but who would be welcome, and is entitled, to come along to meetings.


Spring / Summer Meetings – monthly
Winter Meetings – bi monthly

Contact Us by E-Mail:

For an application form to join the FoCP please Download our Application Form, which you can e-mail to the Secretary above, or post to the address on the form. This is in MS Word format to enable you to edit it with your details.

We will be delighted to receive applications from people who can help us with our aims briefly outlined below.

Money of course is always welcome, but many people donate their time and or expertise, which often proves invaluable.

Some great facts about the park

Congleton Park covers an area of 10 hectares (24.7 acres) and includes the historic Town Wood. Designed by Edward Kemp, an emphasis was placed upon creating river views, a formal promenade flanked by rugged rocks topped with ornamental shrubs and formal avenues of Chestnut and Lime. The park was opened to the public on the 29 May 1871.

A full restoration of the park was undertaken during 2004/05 with funding from many sources including the Heritage Lottery Fund, Cheshire East Council ( formerley Congleton Borough Council), Congleton Town Council, the Millenniumn Committe, local trusts and many others. The park restoration could not have occured without the support of all and we continue to thank everyone for their continued hard work.

Overview of the main Facilities in congleton Park

  • Bandstand – brass bands, jazz concerts etc.
  • Bowling Green – both Private and Public use
  • Children’s Play Area
  • Jubilee Gardens
  • Playing Field – rugby, sports and large events
  • Town Wood – designated as an Ancient and Semi Natural Woodland as well as a county Site of Biological Importance
  • Park or Jubilee Pavilion- Park Pavilion Bar & Grill

Plan of Congleton Park

Plan of Congleton Park with points of interest numbered in the Legend.
If you or someone you know has some spare hours and wants to get involved with Friends of Congleton Park please contact Emma at
     If you or someone you know wants to donate to help FoCP via donations please download a form.
             To find out much more about FoCP please head over to their website