Feeling hot, hot, hot!


Hi all, we hope you are all having a super week and are not busy diving head first into the nearest freezers in Tesco, Aldi or M&S (other stores are available) just to try and cool down.
I’ve decided most of us fall into two camps, half of us love the sun, will sit in it and burn ourselves silly, whilst telling the other half “don’t moan it’ll soon be gone soon” and the other half absolutely hates the heat and wilts when the temp gets over 15 degrees and tells the other half constantly “how dangerous the sun is”. There are sunburnt people wherever you look (which is not fun) but you can’t blame us for rushing out like we’ve never seen it before as soon as it arrives for a few days. Btw this is apparently the longest heatwave in 40 years….can you imagine how the people in hot countries must pity us when we say that.
Still there is nothing more beautiful that this country when the sun is shining and it makes everyone happy.
How lucky are we at Stock to have Congleton Park as our view every day! Right on your doorstep you have a beautiful place to come and enjoy yourselves and it’s looking very pretty right now.
If you are down in the park and need some water for your doggies or kiddies just pop into us and we will give you some.
Ok, so here is an update of what we’ve been up to and what’s coming up this week…
We’ve had another busy couple of weeks with the Audley Brass band in the park on Sunday and it coincided with Father’s day so we were super busy serving all of you who came and joined us. Tapas was a sellout on Friday night and will be back on the 30th so book your table ahead if you want to pop down. Brunch on Saturdays is also popular and we have added some extra items to the menu so check that out.
We also have lots of exciting things coming up over the coming summer months so keep checking out our FB page and website. Don’t forget we open 7 days a week soon so we will be letting you know when that is.
In the meantime here’s whats on this week:
Open Wednesday and Thursday 11 until 4pm serving food until 3pm
On Friday we will be open 11-4 serving food until 3pm ……then closing at 4pm for a Private birthday party (as mentioned Tapas is back on Friday the 30th so book ahead if you want to join us)
Saturday we open at 11am and will be serving Brunch and main menu until 3pm. Open till 9pm for drinks
Sunday open at 11am and we will be serving Roast from 12-5 – we still have some tables left so if you fancy joining us drop us a line or give us a call.
We hope to see you all at some point, but in the meantime, keep yourselves cool, hydrated and enjoy every second of the sun, whether is it with us or adventures elsewhere.
Lisa and team xxx