About Us

**UPDATE Please note due to Covid-19  we are now running as a Cafe Bar Lounge not a full restaurant, we are open 10.30-4 5 days a week, serving a menu of lighter bites.

 We still serve fresh homemade cakes, coffees, full bar, cocktails, and ice creams. We will have Roast on special occasions such as Mothers and Fathers Day and Afternoon tea on special dates through the year.

We still hire for Weddings, wakes and can accommodate larger tables to celebrate a special occasion.  ***

So if you are reading this page, then I guess you want to know more about us!

Grab a cuppa, put your feet up, here we go….

Let’s rewind just for a moment

The company “Stock at the Pavilion” was started 10 years ago by our Director Lisa Whitehurst (she’s the one in the picture below with the mop of blonde hair – she can be seen daily, behind the bar or whizzing around making sure all is running smoothly at Stock)

Our yorkshire's are so good even the squirrels are after them-14

The Pavilion was first built in the late 1800’s.  A majestic building sitting above beautiful Congleton park.   Sadly it had become derelict for a number of years, until 2005 when lottery funding meant it was returned to its (almost) former glory.

It became the Bar and Grill for a couple of years but then closed for a while.

All it now needed was someone with a vision and who genuinely cared about the building and its future.

Lisa approached the Council with a plan to bring the Pavilion back to life, and make it the hub of all things not just in Congleton, but in Cheshire East.  A place where anyone and everyone could come and enjoy it.

In it’s hay-day the Pavilion and Park had been a hive of activity.  It was THE place to go, it was loved by everyone as the place for weddings and special events taking place from the late 1800’s right through to the 90’s.

Being a Congleton girl, Lisa remembered the Pavilion as a child and had great memories,  her mum and dad like many had also married there.

So many people in and around Congleton with so many great memories.  Lisa knew those people would want to visit and put her plan into action…that was to bring her own quirky and eclectic mix of style together with great home-cooked food, and ensure that the beautiful Pavilion was not just visited… but loved once again.

Fast forward to the present day and you will find the hive of activity has returned and Lisa is at the forefront driving the Pavilion forward.  It is alive and loved once more.

We now host families who have not only had they’re Wedding but their Golden wedding anniversaries and grandchildren’s christenings …all at the Pavilion.  We have people from around the world coming back to Congleton to re-visit the place where they got married.

We see people using the Pavilion now for so many reasons and they all love it as much as we do.

For us as a business, our ethos is simple, it’s all about inclusion.  It doesn’t matter who you are, we are open to all members of the community.  We want people from the whole of Cheshire East and beyond to come and enjoy the Pavilion and our beautiful Park.

From singles to families,  from businesses to charities,  from children to pensioners, from dogs to cats (oh wait… we don’t allow cats they sit on the counter-top and the dogs don’t like them).  Anyway, our point is, we welcome everyone.

Every week for us is different, we host events, we help families celebrate their special occasions, we take food deliveries to the elderly, we deliver lunches to businesses.

And very importantly, we are there for all the people who come to the park and who want to come and have a meal or drink with us during the day or evening.

In short, we are like a chameleon, whatever the occasion, if you need us,  we adapt and do our best to accommodate you.

So, that is us in a nutshell.

And now you’ve finished reading about us, why not come and visit?

Come and experience the Pavilion and share with us, its quirky laid back feel, its beauty and its character.

Oh and don’t forget the food is apparently very good too.  Bonus is… there is a cracking park to visit as well.

Just don’t bring the cat!

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The Pavilion

We are:

Wheelchair accessible – we have ramps to the side of the building, disabled parking and toilets.  Call ahead and we will reserve a table for you

Family friendly – we have baby changing facilities, high chairs, and will heat food and bottles on request.  Sundays all babies have FREE bowl of veg and mash

Dog friendly – except on Sundays when we ask for all dogs to be on the terrace only

Vegetarian & Gluten friendly – we serve gluten free and vegetarian food.  Vegan can be catered for on request.