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Do you want some gravy with that?

Blimey – that was a weekend and a half!  We had an absolute ball hosting the wedding reception of Mr and Mrs Marc and Louise Bennett, where we watched a lovely group of friends and family literally dance ALL day!   It was a pleasure to host them and see everyone have a great time.  They gave us some fabulous reviews for which we are grateful as always.

Then it was onto Sunday and our now famous Sunday Roast day. We are thinking of renaming a Sunday in honour of Brad’s huge Yorkshire Puddings – so if you’ve any suggestions answers on a postcard please!

Sunday was also a very special occasion for Marlene and Roy Tomkinson, who joined us for Roast and celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary with 35 of their close family members.   It was wonderful to see them all get together – and we wish them every congratulations.

We’ve got another busy week here at Stock with the kids still on their Easter Holidays and the park busy every day.  We have a special promotion on Friday with Hophouse 13 lager with discount vouchers and free samples, and then we host Layna Squires birthday party on Saturday morning with Olivers chocolate factory where the kids will be making and probably wearing the chocolate – as for the adults what’s not to like – there is always room for more chocolate!!

Finally – we created quite a stir early in the week when we posted one of Brad’s wonderful hangover cures – a Roast Lamb or Beef sandwich with a pot of gravy.  The pic didn’t do it justice yet still drove everyone crazy with thoughts of the yummy dish with gorgeous gravy.  We were reminded of the old Bisto gravy advert and pictured everyone running home from work  just to grab one.

Fear not – it will be available again.   And yes – you will definitely want some gravy with it!!

Till next time, have a great week

Lisa and Team xx